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Electronic Cigarettes: Why You Should Stop Smoking And Start Vaping

Many people use electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking; they can add some tobacco or other flavors and additives to the electronic cigarettes if they choose, so they can calm their cravings while cutting back. The feeling of something in between the fingers can also keep their hands calm, so they aren’t as jittery when they’re trying to quit. However, electronic cigarettes can be a good choice even for those who aren’t necessarily trying to quit smoking. If you’re a smoker, you might consider the following reasons to use electronic cigarettes in place of analog cigarettes, even for everyday use: 1. The smell Smokers typically smell like cigarette smoke; they may have it on their skin, their hair, and their breath. The smell can also get trapped in a home’s carpeting and drapes and other fabrics. When you use electronic cigarettes, you don’t have this same smell from the smoke so it can be more pleasant for you, and for those around you. You might even consider this if you’re thinking of selling your house; potential homebuyers may be put off by the smell of cigarette smoke in the home. You can have it cleaned from top to bottom and use electronic cigarettes to keep the smell from returning, so your home is more appealing to buyers. 2. The health and comfort of others Secondhand smoke can be damaging to others around you, which is another reason to consider electronic cigarettes. Your friends and family may not like the smoke that they’re forced to breathe from your cigarettes. Rather than always having to step outside a home to smoke or worrying about how your smoking is affecting the health of your children, you might switch to electronic cigarettes. 3. Convenience when in public Many areas have banned cigarette smoking in public places, and businesses may also prohibit smoking on their premises. These restrictions often don’t apply to electronic cigarettes that don’t create smoke, so you can easily enjoy that after-dinner “cigarette” while at a restaurant or at a bar when you choose an electronic cigarette. 4. The cost Electronic cigarettes are typically much cheaper than analog cigarettes, as you only need to invest in the pens or cartridges once, and then refill them as they’re used. The oils or other materials you use to create the vapor you inhale is usually much cheaper than buying a pack of analog […]